bravo et merci!

Orange and the D4D committee wanted to thank you warmly again for your contributions!

The results of the challenge have been tremendous. They were both of very high quality and for many of them really practical.  

If this challenge was such a success, it is of course thanks to all researchers worldwide who participated, but also through the hard work of teams that designed, organized and hosted the contest, collected, prepared, anonymise the data, during the 16 months prior to the awards ceremony.

This contest would not have been possible without the involvement of teams from the Catholic University of Louvain, the MIT, and without the mobilization in Orange of a wide range of people working in Marketing Group, in R & D, legal service or in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We had a great event at D4D/NetMob2013, with high caliber and inspiring keynote speakers, 20 presentations, 50 posters and as importantly many new contacts for collaboration between the participants.

The press has relayed your insights in several articles from MIT Technology Review, The Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine, the BBC,… and we hear more are in the making.  You have been quite active with the #Data4d tag, and we hope you will keep on twitting news in relation with data for development.

The press universally recognized an important fact: that together we all demonstrated the value of sharing anonymous data (statistics, samples…) and using it in responsible ways to improve society. As a follow-up we have started to write a paper with the GSMA to share our best practices in the hope that other operators will follow. As we announced at the conference, we also invite those who would like to finish their work or deepen their analysis, to let us know of their intention so that we can formally grant them the authorization to continue to work on the data set.  To do so, please write to jacques.raguenez at

Finally D4D has clearly helped to identify practical social and business development opportunities, and often a combination of both.  The best that could happen is to make sure that the most impactful of them will happen.  So at Orange we have already started follow-up projects, and we will be in touch with some of you to discuss how to move forward together to bring these insights into practice to  improve people’s live in Ivory Coast and elsewhere.

Bravo et Merci !


Discover who the winners are!

Contributions and the winning projects were presented on May 1 during a dedicated event, which took place during the 2013 NetMob Conference.  To find out the winners, major projects and all the opportunities offered by the analysis of these data, please visit

Thank you again for your participation.
The organizing committee


Thank you for your participation 

Submission of projects for the D4D challenge is now over. We have received many fascinating contributions; it is incredible what can be done with these datasets.
 The descriptions of the datasets can still be accessed from
 The selected and winning projects will be presented at a special session of the conference NetMob 2013 to be held at MIT (USA) on May 1-3, 2013. See for more details on the conference and for registration. We hope to see you there for a fascinating session on data for development.
 Thank you again for your participation.
 The organizing committee


In short

Write a 250-words research project and get access within a week to the largest ever released mobile phone dataset! More than 5 millions people over 5 months.
Deadline: October 31, 2012 - Last days ! Extension until November 15 for African research teams only

The dataset

The Orange phones calls in Ivory Cost during 5 month (from December 2011 to April 2012). The original dataset contains 2.5 billion records, calls and text messages exchanged between 5 million anonymous users.
We will release four datasets in order to offer a large spectrum of possible analyses:
Aggregate communication between cell towers;
Mobility traces: fine resolution dataset;
Mobility traces: coarse resolution dataset;
Communication sub-graphs.
How to access the data

Go to
Confirm your e-mail address
Submit your 250-words proposal at
Receive the access key within a week


Best Overall: prize for the best project on Scientific and Development aspects.
Best Scientific: prize for a project proposing an innovative methodology, a new question addressed and relevant original findings.
Best Development Insight: prize for the most "practical" project, addressing a significant question with a real potential for application in the field.
Best Visualisation: prize for the clearest and most appealing visual representation. This prize will be awarded only if a project's presentation has visibly demonstrated considerable creative effort.
The "Best Overall" winner will be awarded with a US$ 3,000; the other prize winners will each receive a US$ 1,000. One person from each winning team will be invited, expenses paid, to participate to the results presentation at the NetMob Conference to be held in May 2-3, 2013 at MIT (


Professor Vincent Blondel, University of Louvain (UCL), Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium - Chairman
Professor Francis Akindes, Université de Bouaké, Bouaké, Ivory Coast
Mr William Hoffman, Head of Telecom industry, World Economic Forum, New York, USA
Mrs Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Head of Orange Labs, Paris, France
Mr Robert Kirkpatrick, Head of Global Pulse, United Nations, New York, USA
Mr Chris Locke, Managing director GSMA Development Fund, GSMA, London, UK
Professor Alex (Sandy) Pentland, Medialab, MIT, Cambridge, USA

To learn more 


- Ivory Coast subprefectures open file

This open file contains boundaries of the 255 subprefectures of Ivory Coast as used in D4D dataset n°3 - reduced spatial resolution dataset. File format is ESRI Shapefile for use with any GIS capable application.

- Population data for Côte d'Ivoire

Afripop ( provides high resolution, contemporary data on human population  distibutions. Anyone can freely downloas a dataset for Cote d'Ivoire  here :

- Extension until 15 November to research teams based in Africa

The contest will be closed October 31, 2012. Research teams from African laboratories (that is domiciled in an African State) may still submit their projects until November 15.

- Open Data for Development Camp 2012

Last June, two open data camps took place simultaneously in Nairobi and Amsterdam. They hosted respectively 250 and 125 participants, exceeding the organizers’expectations. It demonstrates the high expectations from the developers’ community for open data in developing countries.

More :

- Mobile Data Collection Opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa

The Web Foundation (W3C) announces a new research project realized with Orange: Mobile Data Collection Opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa. The aim of this study is to better understand the landscape of Mobile Data Collection activities and opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa.
More :

- DataViz for develoment

Data Viz is a complementary need to exploit data for development. The World Bank provides a dedicated visualization tool for data developers to highlight their results related to the fight against poverty.


- The Voices project : Epidemiological data collected via mobile

The Mérieux foundation, Orange labs, the Ecole Supérieure Multinationale de Télécommunication from Senegal and the National Network of Laboratories from Senegal are launching a pilot application addressing biomedical laboratories, in the framework of VOICES European project. With just mobile phones, the laboratories can easily collect epidemiological data and implement more  reactive health monitoring policies.


- Development Data Challenge, London – August 2012

On August 25 and 26, the development Data Challenge took place in London, organized by the Open Knowledge Foundation and hosted by The Guardian. Hackers, developers and development experts explored aid and development data during these two hackdays.

The next hackday will take place in Helsinki on September 20.


- D4D Challenge awards @ Netmob Conference, May 2-3, 2013

Winning D4D Challenge teams will be awarded money prizes and will be invited to present their work at the conference NetMob (Media Lab at MIT, May 2-3, 2013). Good luck!

For more information about the conference NetMob2013:

- Global Pulse Big Data

Global Pulse is an innovation initiative of the UN Secretary-General, harnessing today's new world of digital data and real-time analytics to gain a better understanding of changes in human well-being.