DEEP - Data for development External Ethic Panel

The Ethic Mention will be allocated by both the External Ethic Panel and the D4D Committee

We set-up the D4D External Ethic Panel ( DEEP) to help us appreciate the submissions on their Ethics aspects, an essential element for society at large and for the use of data for development goals in particular. We will appreciate the risks some papers will be posing and also identify the work having a particularly well though through approach.

Risks can be considered for all society constituents: questions about respect of privacy, risk to minorities and in particular ethnics and religious group, respect of culture and sensibilities, or national sovereignty to name a few.  Ethics questions can be asked at many levels: the choice of the topic in its wider context, the data being used, the way one does the analysis, the choice of words and the way one talk about the results or consider its uses and possible consequences.

The papers that will be considered sensitive by the  DEEP panel, normally only a very small minority of the submissions, will be discussed with their authors, to see how to proceed further and ensure they can compete.  There will be 4 levels of recommendations by the DEEP:

  • Candidate for the Mention,
  • Publish without restriction,
  • Ask to consider adjustments,
  • Do not publish/Keep for restricted audience. 

We have currently a review process with the  DEEP panel, of some of the papers submitted for Ivory Coast to identify the type of questions and agree on a methodology.

There is an ample literature on Ethics in general, but maybe less so on the use of Ethics in Data analysis, which makes this aspect of your submissions particularly interesting.  We hope to be able to learn from this process and extract the key questions and some of the Do’s and Don’t that could be shared to a wider audience for future similar work.