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Intellectual Ventures

Intellectual Ventures provided us a 1-km gridded estimation of rainfall, relative humidity and mean air temperature.
If you are having any question regarding the methods or else, feel free to get in touch with Edward Wenger from their labs at

  1. download ressources.
  2. more information about Intellectual Ventures


As part of the Challenge, Teralab will provide computing power to 5 projects (including at least two based in Senegal) that have been previously selected.

If you want to use resources made available by Teralab:

  • register to the Challenge on the site:
  • submit your project
  • send a description of your project and your needs at

Teralab will then make a selection on technical criteria independently from the organizers of the Challenge:

  • Eligibility restricted to the African continent, and at least 2 Senegalese teams
  • Criteria for selection if more than 5 candidates: current capacity available to the team, volume of the data set (including external data from their care). No 'relevance' criterion will be applied to the project.

The validation schedule provided is as follows:

  • August 15th: 1st teams validated on the basis of applications received before August 8, 2014
  • August 31st: Last validated teams

  1. more information about Teralab



The CSE has environmental databases and document collections comprising:

  • a map collection (basic maps and themed maps) 
  • a photograph collection (aerial photographs, systematic reconnaissance flights) 
  • satellite images (NOAA, MERIS, Landsat, Spot, Quickbird…). The CSE has 2 image reception aerials 
  • socio-economic data (surveys, monographs…)
  • documents about the environment and natural resources (study reports, theses and dissertations….).

Contact: Amadou Moctar Dieye, CSE Technical Director (


CTIC: ICT Growth

In particular, the CTIC uses the SPARKBOARD platform published on-line for this purpose

(see link to SPARKBOARD platform to be validated).


Global Fund

The Global Fund is an international financing institution that fights AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria with a 21st century approach: partnership, transparency, constant learning and results-based funding.

Global Fund provides socio-demographic data about Malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and related expenses.


Ministry of Health and Social Action:

Statistical yearbook

  1. Routine data about health in Senegal


Healthcare card

  1. Organisation of the healthcare services offer in Senegal


Reports of specific health surveys

  1. studies on health and poverty
  2. studies on accessibility of healthcare services


Annual monitoring of some healthcare indicators

  1. Ongoing EDS


contact the ANSD in Colobane to access the database as required.


Open Street Map:

The OSM offers a mapping database in open data, which is collectively enriched in real time, as well as loading tools allowing maps to be produced.

  1. find out more about Open Street Map



The PARIS 21 association has links to national statistics from Senegal and a contact e-mail for requests for expertise concerning the existing databases. 
The PARIS 21 association works with the ANSD.

  1. visit the website


Open Knowledge Foundation

Open Knowledge Foundation Senegal offers two projects to exploit data

  1. Group datahub Senegal

A set of data on Senegal with 548 raw data

  1. Open Senegal

A draft key data on Senegal with visualization : Datasets for Senegal, which launched in Mars 2013, is a Senegal, citizen-led effort to promote open data and help share data that has already been liberated.


other external data sources

The Observatory of Information Systems, Networks and Information routes in Senegal

OSIRIS informs and produces analyses about all matters related to the use and appropriation of information and communication technologies and, more generally, the development of the information society in Senegal and in Africa.

sites offering energy statistics:

  • Enerdata :
  • AFREC: African Energy Commission Sets up and coordinates an information system about energy data and a network or databases on energy
  • UPDA: Union of Producer Distributors of electricity in Africa, responsible for collecting, processing and disseminating information about the African electricity sector through its characteristic databank


African soils Map tool

For those interested in Soil Data, The AfSIS African Soil Information Service is mapping African Soils with the support of the Gates Foundation and Pedro Sanchez from CIESIN.
Their layers proposes options for soil, agriculture information, rivers, dams and irrigation, population densities in 2015, and others.

  1. explore their data



  1. New Primer On Mobile Phone Network Data for Development – UN Global Pulse website
  2. The Guardian
  3. African economic outlook - Senegal
  4. Accelerated Data Program - Senegal