ANSD databases


Senegal National Archive of Survey Data (ANADS)

This is the platform for distribution of micro data and metadata from surveys and censuses performed by the entire National Statistics System. It contains 48 surveys and censuses



NB: in view of the legal and regulatory provisions governing its dissemination, micro data is only accessible under licence (request made and commitment form to be completed)
See Law n°2012-03 of 3 January 2012 amending and complementing Law n° 2004-21 of 21 July 2004 concerning the organisation of statistical activities


Geographical Statistical Information System (SIG-Stat)

Tool for displaying national mapping and socio-economic data in spatial format, but also for querying this data via requests and retrieving the desired maps.



Data portal

The Senegal statistical data portal, which provides a large number of official indicators in an easy-to-use format in order to increase the possibilities of analysis.



General census of the population and habitat, agriculture and stockbreeding:

  3. SRS.html



The CSE has environmental databases and document collections comprising:

  • a map collection (basic maps and themed maps) 
  • a photograph collection (aerial photographs, systematic reconnaissance flights) 
  • satellite images (NOAA, MERIS, Landsat, Spot, Quickbird…). The CSE has 2 image reception aerials 
  • socio-economic data (surveys, monographs…)
  • documents about the environment and natural resources (study reports, theses and dissertations….).

Contact: Amadou Moctar Dieye, CSE Technical Director (