The Orange Group and Sonatel would like to offer their most sincere thanks to the following partner institutions that are offering their support to the Data For Development Senegal Challenge.
In this section you will find routes to investigate, resources to explore and media for encouraging contacts.
It is the responsibility of each participating team to check the quality and relevance of the information and contact that they wish to use for their research project.


The National Statistics and Demographics Agency (ANSD) is a national executing agency created by Law No. 2004-21 of 21 July 2004 concerning the organisation of the statistical activities of the national statistics system.
In addition to its activities of development, production and dissemination of statistics in its own areas of competence, it centralises and disseminates the summaries of statistical data produced by the entire Senegalese statistical system.
To this effect, the other services and organisations that produce public statistics are obliged to send the statistical data that they produce as soon as it is available (see law n°2012-03 of 3 January 2012 amending and complementing law n° 2004-21).

Its organisation and operating procedure are governed by decree N° 2005-436 of 23 May 2005.

  1. find out more about the ANSD
  2. visit the ANSD website


The CDP - Senegal Personal Data Commission

Pursuant to law n° 2008-12 of 25 January 2008 on personal data protection, the tasks assigned to the Senegal Personal Data Commission (CDP) are: 


  1. the activities of the CDP and the relevant contacts are described on its website 



The CSE - Ecological Monitoring Centre:

The Ecological Monitoring Centre (CSE) was created in 1986 by the Senegalese authorities with the assistance of the United Nations Programme for the Sudan-Sahel Region (UNSO) and the funding of the Danish Agency for International Development (DANIDA).

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  2. CSE website


The CTIC: ICT Growth

The CTIC is an incubator based in Dakar, which aims to foster contacts between teams of researchers with local researchers or entrepreneurs.

The CTIC will launch the competition in Senegal on a special 2-day event and will encourage the creation of Senegalese research teams during a call for projects.

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Open Street Map :

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative international web-based project that aims to create a map of the whole world under free license, entirely based on the voluntary work of contributors from different countries.
OSM Senegal is going to release maps that will be available to the candidates of the Challenge.
If you or your team are looking for specific data, please contact Mr. Mamadou Bassirou Thiam at

  1. find out more about Open Street Map


Ministry of Health

  1. more information about the Senegal Ministry of Health


Ministry of Agriculture

  1. visit our Agriculture section


Ministry of Transport

  1. visit our Transport / infrastructures section


Ministry of Energy

  1. visit our Energy section


PARIS 21 :

PARIS 21 is an international consortium whose Secretariat is hosted by the OECD in Paris, and which is responsible for the promotion of statistics for development.  PARIS21, which was created in 1999 after the developing countries' statistical mechanisms were found to be incapable of meeting the demands raised by what would become the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the new Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRS). The purpose of the PARIS21 Secretariat is to improve the formulation and monitoring of development policies through availability of better statistics.

The PARIS 21 association works with the ANSD.

  1. visit the website 


The UCAD - Cheikh Anta DIOP University in Dakar

The UCAD offers contact with local researchers, for expertise or for participation in research teams.

  1. find out more about the UCAD


The Saint Louis UGB:

The Saint Louis UGB offers contact with local researchers, for expertise or for participation in research teams.

  1. visit the UGB website:



Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets and Network
The main conference on the scientific analysis of mobile phone datasets
The results of D4D Sénégal will be announced at the NetMob 2015 April 8-10, 2015 et the MIT Medialab.

  1. visit the NetMob website:


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