what is the procedure for participating in the 'D4D Senegal Challenge'?

1st stage: register in our database of candidates by clicking on ‘ register

2nd stage: you will receive an initial e-mail confirming acknowledgement of your registration. And this e-mail will then invite you to ' log in'.

3rd stage: log in by entering your username and password created in stage 1

4th stage:  submit your research project and state the composition of your team via a form.

5th stage: the Orange Sonatel project team will verify the compliance of the applications submitted on-line.
After this verification, you will receive a 2nd e-mail inviting you to download and return by e-mail to the address the ‘ terms and conditions’ scanned and signed by you.

Nb: only teams that have returned the ‘ terms and conditions’ completed and signed will have their entry into the ‘D4D Senegal Challenge’ validated.

The participating teams confirmed on receipt of the completed and signed ‘ terms and conditions’ will then receive a unique code for accessing the Orange and Sonatel anonymised data.

You will then be able to download it from a website dedicated to this purposes and use it in the ‘D4D Senegal Challenge’ Competition.

If you are looking for an expert or looking to contribute to or build a new project with a team, please visit, a site dedicated to do just that



  1. terms and conditions
  2. the challenge rule

to participate

    ‘ register

if registered

     'log in'

3 documents to send


for any questions about the ‘D4D Senegal Challenge’: