The D4D Challenge is a great success!


  1. Here are the winners of the D4D Challenge Senegal, the research works of the D4D Challenge Senegal participant teams and the ethics approach and key learnings.

‘Data for Development Senegal’ is an innovation challenge open on ICT Big Data for the purposes of societal development.
 in 2013,  Sonatel and the Orange Group are making anonymous data, extracted from the mobile network in Senegal, available to international research laboratories, as well as data on hours of sunshine.
The first objective of the 'Data For Development Senegal' Challenge, under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, in relation to the Sonatel and Orange policy in favour of development, is to contribute to the development and welfare of the populations.
For this purpose, 5 priority subject matters have been defined, for which the requirements have been expressed in collaboration with the responsible Ministries or the partner institutions:

  • health
  • agriculture
  • transport/urban planning
  • energy
  • national statistics

The challenge also wishes to contribute to a more technical objective, by rewarding the best advances in the algorithms of anonymisation, datamining, display and cross-referencing of data.
Finally, the intention of the organisers of the Challenge is to achieve maximum involvement from local and regional stakeholders from the world of academic and applied research, in order to guarantee benefits in education and economic development, in particular the ecosystem of local companies and start-ups.
The project will run from April 2014 to April 2015, the date on which the ‘D4D Committee’, composed of members of the Universities and Institutions supporting the initiative, will choose the best projects.

If you submitted a project for the Challenge and sent us back the Terms & Conditions duly filled, but did not receive the email to access the data, please check your spam folder and contact us at: